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Gifts for skiing with dogs

Gifts for skiing with dogs

Cross country skiing or ski mountaineering is more fun when your dog is joining! Skijoring is a great way of fulfilling your dog’s need for physical exercise at a cool and comfortable temperature, with less risk of overheating. If you have not tried this activity yet, we recommend you put it on your bucket list for 2021!

Belt for skiing with dogs


When skiing your legs move differently than when running or walking, especially when skating. Using a belt developed for skijoring makes it possible for you to keep optimal skiing technique, even if a dog is pulling you. The innovative Løype belt was made in cooperation with some of the world’s best athletes within the sport. The belt's shape concentrates the pull force around the hips to save the lower back, while also providing the hips free movement.


Your dog can’t choose its own harness; therefore, it is important that you find the right one for him or her. The Freemotion harness is specifically designed for activities with a high pulling point, such as skiing. This pulling-harness allows your dog’s shoulders to move freely and provides minimal breath constraint thanks to the Y-shape. This skiing harness for dogs has been used to win championships several times, but it is still a harness for everyone. It is available in sizes from 2-10, and can be adjusted for optimized fit. If you also want your dog to pull a pulk, the Combined harness has a similar construction, with additional attachment points for this purpose.

Skiing line

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When skiing you are connected to your dog with a line. This line should be elastic to absorb shock, providing comfort and being gentle to both your and your dog’s back. The Bungee leash is developed specifically for sports like skijoring. If you have a smaller dog, the light Touring bungee with a softer elastic part is ideal. The 2,8-meter length is perfect for skiing, creating a safe distance between the skis and your dog’s hind legs.

Paw protection

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Some dogs experience icing in between their toes when being active in snow. To prevent this you can use dog booties. Socks will also help protect your dog’s paws from soreness or cuts. For safety reasons you should always carry a set of booties when skiing, in case your dog gets sore paws or an injury. Long distance booties protect your dog’s paws, as well as providing him or her with good contact with the surface. The cut- and puncture resistant Protector bootie is an other option.

Snow suit

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Don’t let snow and ice packing in your dog’s fur prevent you from having fun outside during winter! Protector snow is a full suit protecting your dog’s body from snow, ice, cold, and wind. The suit's material is elastic in all directions to enable natural freedom of movement.

Warm dog jacket

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While moving, dogs usually maintain a comfortable body temperature. During breaks or in very cold weather, however, it is important to make sure your dog is not freezing. Blest jacket is an ultra-light dog jacket that easily packs in your hydration belt. This winter jacket is easy to take on and off, even if your dog is in a harness. The jacket stays in place with powerful hook-and-loop fasteners. Ergonomic design ensures an excellent fit and full freedom of movement while protecting the chest, shoulders, thighs, and stomach. An optional windbreaker to protect male genitals is available.

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