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Gifts for puppy owners

Getting a new puppy in the house is just always exciting, no matter if it is your first dog or if you already have a whole pack. Puppies share their joy and happiness with us, and of course we want to give them the best possible start in life. We have gathered our favorite gifts for puppies and their owners. 

Adjustable puppy harness and collar 

Puppies are growing fast! If you do not want to get a new harness or collar every other week, you can start with adjustable ones that can follow your puppy over an extended period of time. The Ramble harness is a lightweight, comfortable harness that is adjustable around both neck and chest. If adjustability is not as important to you, the ergonomic and versatile Line harness is a good alternative. The puppy’s first collar should be light and comfortable, like our Tumble collar. This collar is highly adjustable.

Visibility in the dark

Reflection blanket 

Puppies are happy to explore everything, sometimes without paying attention to their surroundings. With a Reflection blanket your dog will be easy to spot from a distance thanks to the 3M™ reflective and highly visible orange color.  

Cozy place to sleep 

Ly sleeping bag stine og jarlen

Puppies sleep a lot! They often prefer to crawl into their own warm, safe and comfortable cave. The Ly sleeping bag can be used as a regular dog bed as well as a sleeping bag with the cover. It is packable and easy to bring with you wherever you go. If you let your puppy sleep on or in the sleeping bag when it gets tired, he/she will quickly associate the sleeping bag with rest. This skill can be beneficial later in life.  

Warm puppy jacket 

glacier puppy

Puppies tend to freeze easily. You can protect your puppy against the cold by using a warm dog jacket. The Glacier jacket is available in several sizes and colors. It is designed with freedom of movement in mind and can be adjusted for optimized fit for your dog. 

Puppy leash 

Letting your puppy run free as much as possible, and rewarding him/her when seeking contact with you, will teach the puppy to stay close to you. Sometimes, however, we need a leash for safety reasons. When choosing a leash for your puppy, make sure it is light. The Move leash is a great first leash for your puppy. You can also choose the Touring bungee, which has an elastic part to absorb abrupt pulls. 

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