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Gifts for hiking with dogs

Gifts for hiking with dogs

A hike doesn’t have to be long to offer a precious break from everyday life. Accompanied by a dog, it feels even better! Dogs remind us to live in the moment and enjoy the little things in life.   

Hiking belt 

A belt will not only take the strain off your back when hiking with your dog. Having your arms free also give you the freedom to hold your balance or capture the beautiful scenery on camera on the go. The Trekking belt is a comfortable belt developed for this purpose. You can even extend it with a Trekking belt bag for extra space for your camera, food and other essentials.  

Dog harness 

When hiking, a comfortable harness for your dog is essential. The Line harness is lightweight and has an ergonomic fit for freedom of motion. All materials on the inner lining overlap to avoid hard edges. Every seam has its smooth side towards your dog's body to prevent chafing. This hiking harness for dogs also has multiple leash attachment points and 3M™ reflective for visibility. 

Dog leash for hiking 

We have different preferences and needs when choosing the best leash for hiking with dogs. If you prefer a light, simple and durable line the Rock leash is an excellent choice. If you prefer extra comfort and protection against abrupt pulls, we recommend the Touring bungee. This line comes in multiple sizes and lengths. 

Dog backpack 


If your dog likes having a task, letting him/her carry a backpack can be something to try! This activity will also strengthen the body and stimulate your dog mentally. We have created a /guide with tips on how to get started with dog backpacking. It is great for both short day trips with the family and longer expeditions with proper training in advance. The Amundsen pack in an ergonomic and adjustable backpack for dogs with massive pack volume and smart solutions, making an excellent fundament for many nice adventures together.  

Safety dog collar 

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Is your dog running free on your hikes? When freerunning, there is a risk of getting snagged in vegetation or other obstacles. With the Safe collar you might lose the collar, but not your best friend in such an event! The unique design with a bungee component makes it easier for your dog to get free. This dog collar is also highly visible with a rubber name tag for your contact information. 

Paw protection 

Protector Sock Setting (15) (1)

When hiking in rough terrain you are advised to use, or at least carry, booties to prevent cuts or sore paws. Booties will also protect your dog’s paws on warm surfaces. Protector bootie are durable socks made of level 5 anti-cut material, dipped in nitrile rubber for extra protection. The rubber makes the socks water-resistant and provides your dog with a good grip even on slippery surfaces. 

Dog jacket 


During breaks, or if you are surprised with cold weather,  a warm jacket will provide your dog with extra comfort. The Glacier jacket is a light and functional jacket for dogs, with freedom of movement. The jacket can easily be taken on or off without removing your dog’s collar or leash, thanks to the two openings for your leash. The jacket can be easily packed down and stored in the mesh bag it comes with. 

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