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Our goal is to release your dog’s potential through robust, reliable, and ergonomically designed gear. Whether that dog is small or big, purebred or a mix, a World champion or a family dog does not matter. All dogs are equal and deserve nothing but the best. 



Amundsen PackAmundsen PackDKK 1,499.00Ly Sleeping bagLy Sleeping bagDKK 799.00Safe Life JacketSafe Life JacketDKK 699.00 - DKK 849.00Freemotion HarnessFreemotion HarnessDKK 585.00Line HarnessLine HarnessDKK 379.00Nansen Nome HarnessNansen Nome HarnessDKK 449.00CaniX BeltCaniX BeltDKK 649.00Combined HarnessCombined HarnessDKK 849.00Nansen Stick HarnessNansen Stick HarnessDKK 670.00Løype BeltLøype BeltDKK 799.00Ferd BeltFerd BeltDKK 799.00Ultra HarnessUltra HarnessDKK 449.00Protector SnowProtector SnowDKK 599.00Beta Pro RaincoatBeta Pro RaincoatDKK 539.00 - DKK 569.00Pro RaincoatPro RaincoatDKK 524.00 - DKK 565.00Alpha Pro JacketAlpha Pro JacketDKK 629.00 - DKK 699.00Pro Warm JacketPro Warm JacketDKK 599.00 - DKK 675.00Long distance JacketLong distance JacketDKK 675.00Ferd Belt BagFerd Belt BagDKK 349.00Trekking BeltTrekking BeltDKK 599.00Reflection BlanketReflection BlanketDKK 195.00Touring BungeeTouring BungeeDKK 199.00 - DKK 360.00Bungee LeashBungee LeashDKK 319.00 - DKK 359.00Touring Bungee AdjustableTouring Bungee AdjustableDKK 499.00Non-stop polar JakkaNon-stop polar JakkaDKK 5,999.00Bungee Leash DoubleBungee Leash DoubleDKK 499.00BackpackBackpackTrekking Belt BagTrekking Belt BagDKK 349.00Bike AntennaBike AntennaDKK 449.00Rock CollarRock CollarDKK 199.00Blest JacketBlest JacketDKK 749.00Protector CoverProtector CoverDKK 320.00Protector VestProtector VestDKK 549.00Protector Vest GPSProtector Vest GPSDKK 649.00Polar CollarPolar CollarDKK 180.00Polar Collar ClickPolar Collar ClickDKK 199.00Active CollarActive CollarDKK 199.00Safe CollarSafe CollarDKK 199.00Polypro CollarPolypro CollarDKK 99.00Solid SocksSolid SocksDKK 149.00Long distance bootieLong distance bootieDKK 89.00Touring DoubleTouring DoubleDKK 179.00 - DKK 259.00Strong LeashStrong LeashDKK 150.00 - DKK 250.00Rock LeashRock LeashDKK 149.00 - DKK 199.00Replacement SidestrapsReplacement SidestrapsDKK 79.00Pig EarsPig EarsWhite Fish Omega-3White Fish Omega-3Energy Pâté Fresh ChickenEnergy Pâté Fresh ChickenEnergy Pâté Wild FishEnergy Pâté Wild FishTreatsTreatsFreeze dried tripeFreeze dried tripePaw carePaw careSnapback CapSnapback CapQuick release snap hookQuick release snap hookMusher Depot BagMusher Depot BagDKK 209.00Musher Checkpoint BagMusher Checkpoint BagDKK 749.00Musher Sleeping MatMusher Sleeping MatDKK 169.00Non-stop polar Reflection BeanieNon-stop polar Reflection BeanieDKK 449.00Non-stop polar Forest Anojakka hunting jacketNon-stop polar Forest Anojakka hunting jacketDKK 5,999.00Non-stop polar Tundra Anojakka winter anorakNon-stop polar Tundra Anojakka winter anorakDKK 5,999.00Non-stop polar VottaNon-stop polar VottaDKK 1,599.00MultiscarfMultiscarfProtector BootieProtector BootieDKK 259.00T-shirtT-shirtDKK 399.00Long tightsLong tightsDKK 599.00Warm-up pantsWarm-up pantsDKK 999.00Winter hatWinter hatDKK 249.00Running shortsRunning shortsDKK 499.00Bike Antenna KlickFixBike Antenna KlickFixDKK 799.00Protector T-shirtProtector T-shirtDKK 249.00Camo CoverCamo CoverDKK 320.00
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