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Bringing dog mushing to a worldwide audience

The autumn of 2019, Aker BioMarine, launched the official "International Dog Racing Championship: QRILL Pet Arctic World Series (QRILL PAWS)."

The goal is to bring excitement, joy and extreme performance from the most exotic arctic dog mushing races to a worldwide audience. For the first time the sport, the profiles and the adventurous lifestyle, is covered and distributed through new digital platforms and international TV. People from around the world are now able to follow the two- and four-legged athletes like never before.

Four races

The first season of the World Series consists of four legendary and historic dog races across the globe, ultimately determining the world’s best dog mushers. The races are unique and great sporting events separately, and by bringing them together in an international championship they believe the sport can reach a totally new level of interest.

The World Series started in January 2020 in Minnesota, USA with the "John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon", before the series continued to Norway and "Femundløpet". QRILL PAWS then traveled to Russia and "Volga Quest" before the world finale in Alaska, during the legendary "Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race".

Qrill 1

Rob Urbach, CEO of The Iditarod says:

- We are proud to be a part of QRILL PAWS. With the investments in digital visualization technology and innovative television production, we have great confidence that we will be showcasing our sport in a more experiential and compelling way.

Learning from the elite

QRILL PAWS will highlight the sport of long-distance dog mushing. The aim is to help the sport and the mushing community to grow and to strengthen the separate race organizations, as well as showcase world-class dog care.

- QRILL PAWS is looking to inspire and influence regular, everyday dog owners - shining a light on the practices of elite dog mushers and the exceptional dog care they provide. The dog mushers will inspire and be a great example for dog owners around the world in regards to training, nutrition, general welfare and guidelines for their own dogs, says Nils Marius Otterstad, QRILL PAWS Project Manager.

The series is based on a joint point system, advanced digital visualization of GPS tracking, as well as television production and distribution. QRILL PAWS is established as a non-profit sports series through an initiative by Aker BioMarine. All proceeds will go back to the events and as investments in the sport of long-distance dog mushing.

- QRILL PAWS is a result of Aker Biomarine’s commitment to and long-term investment in dog mushing. Over the past three years, we have been working with the athletes and race organizers to learn more about the sport and its many amazing components. We strongly believe in the sport of dog mushing and the culture it represents, and we want to help it get the international attention and recognition it deserves, says Matts Johansen, CEO of Aker BioMarine.

- We hope other mushing races around the world will join us in this endeavor, we are already in dialogue with events for the 2021 season.

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