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Canicross harness and equipment

Good equipment that is functional and fits your dog perfectly is fundamental to canicross.


Your dog can’t choose its own harness; therefore, it is important that you find the right one for him or her.

If the harness feels uncomfortable, it can teach your dog not to pull or to pull in the wrong way. A bad harness could also cause injuries. Back and shoulder injuries do happen, mostly due to a bad harness or overtraining.

Our Freemotion harness is specifically designed for activities with a high pulling point, such as canicross. Your dog will be able to release its true potential without restrictions on its motion or respiration. The Freemotion harness utilizes the dog’s anatomy to increase performance for both the everyday active dog and competition dogs. This harness has been used to win championships several times, but it is still a harness for everyone.

The Combined harness has the same features, but it can also be used to pull a pulka due to the clips on the side.


Bungee Leash

A line, or a bungee, connects you and your dog. To make your run as comfortable as possible, it is important to have a good bungee leash. It will absorb shock, and it is gentle on the backs of both teammates.

The Non-stop dogwear Bungee leash is a strong line designed for sports such as canicross. The two-meter long version is perfect for running. You can also get a 2.8 meter line for sports such as bikejoring or skiing. The super lightweight aluminum carabiner comes from the climbing sport industry and allows for an effortless and easy hooking to your dog’s collar or harness. The carabiner will not jam, even when it’s very muddy or freezing cold. For the smallest dogs, our super lightweight Touring bungee is recommended.


Running belt

You also need a belt that fits well and preferably pulls from the pelvis area or under your bottom. A canicross belt that pulls on your back is not recommended! The Non-stop dogwear CaniX belt was developed along with the best athletes in canicross. Its unique construction features maximum safety for the runner’s back, which also helps to maintain a good running style.


Why choose Non-stop dogwear?

Non-stop Dogwear has the experience, the knowledge, the passion, and the eye for developing innovative products from a dog’s perspective.

Staying loyal to this mission, we partner with the most experienced dog athletes and professionals from across the world to develop products of the highest quality and functionality. World champion in canicross, Tessa Philippaerts, is one of them.

- I have been using Non-stop dogwear equipment for about seven years now. Before that time, I tried basically every other brand that was on the market. Usually, my harnesses would break after one year, or the shape and material gave my dogs bad rubbing wounds on the sides of their chest or on top of the hips.

This did not happen when she started using the Non-stop dogwear harness.


- I was amazed by the quality back then, and it has only improved since. Of course, every brand probably has had some bad batches, and sometimes you just have bad luck, but Non-Stop Dogwear’s professionalism is over the top. If something breaks earlier than the expected wear and tear, they have no problem replacing your items. Many brands do not offer this in Europe.

Tessa still has her first two harnesses, which are six and seven years old.

- I only use them for training because they are pretty worn out, but they still work!


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