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Canicross Couch to 5K training program - Week 9

Canicross Couch to 5K training program - Week 9

It's time to start working on race routines!

Your fitness is on track, and we hope you start feeling ready for your first race.

Being at a race is very different from training alone or with a group of friends. If you plan to participate in a race, you can start preparing for the extra challenge of a new environment.

We have collected some tips about skills to work on besides the physical training below.

This week's training sessions:

Session 33 (suggested Tuesday)

  • 12-min brisk walk.
  • 30:00 jogging.
  • 12-min brisk walk.

Session 34 (suggested Thursday)

  • 12-min brisk walk.
  • 2 sets of 3:00 run (1:30 walk), 2:00 run (1:00 walk), 1:00 run (30s walk). 6-min walk between sets.
  • 12-min brisk walk.

Session 35 (suggested Saturday)

  • Canicross, 3.5 km.

Session 36 (suggested Sunday)

  • 30-min brisk walking/jogging.

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Staying calm and focused

If your dog gets stressed by other dogs and new environments, you can start spending time near similar situations to set yourself up for success at your first event.

- I do that a lot with my younger dogs. I spend time getting them comfortable in the area, doing basic things like asking them to sit, lie down, or walk with me. We try to simulate a trial environment and that energy level because it is so different, says dog trainer Steve Walsh. Learn how!

Standing still at the start line

At the start line, your dog should stand still in front of you on a tense line, leaning into the harness without taking off. Learn how our athletes practice these skills.

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