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Harness and gear for biking with a dog

Bringing your dog when bicycling can be great fun! Bikejoring with dogs is a popular sport, but anyone can do it. The right gear will enhance the experience for both you and your dog. Also, it will help to prevent injuries.

When bicycling with a dog, you should always wear a helmet. Cycling glasses are also recommended to protect your eyes.

Harness for bikejoring

If your dog is pulling, you should choose a pulling harness to ensure freedom of movement.

The Freemotion Harness was developed for activities with a higher pulling point, such as bicycling. The Y-shaped neck provides freedom of motion and minimal breath constraint for your dog. By using the right harness, you also prevent strain. A wide variety of sizes is available, and this pulling harness is adjustable to fit most dogs.

 If your dog is not pulling and running next to the bike, the Line Harness is ideal. This is a lightweight and versatile dog harness that also has a Y-shaped neck to ensure freedom of movement.

Sykkel Wide


You are recommended to use a bungee leash instead of a static line when bikejoring with a dog, as the activity involves high speed. An elastic leash will soften abrupt pulls and make the whole experience of biking more comfortable for you and your dog.  

For safety reasons, a certain distance between you and the dog is necessary. We recommend 2,8 meters or more for a dog that is pulling in front of you. If the dog is running next to you, a shorter leash will do.

If your dog is a strong puller, the Bungee Leash is the best choice. The entire line is elastic and solid, available in lengths 2 and 2,8 meters. If you train two dogs at the same time, you can use the Bungee Leash Double. Another option is the Touring Bungee, where only a part of the line is elastic. This gives you more control of the dog since you can grab onto the static parts if needed. Also, the bungee is softer, which is perfect for dogs that are not pulling as hard. Several lengths and widths are available. This lightweight line is ideal for smaller dogs.

Bike antenna

To prevent the dog's line from tangling into the front wheel of your bike, you can use a Bike Antenna. It is light and sturdy with a flexible base to follow the dog's motion through corners and varying terrain.

Bike antenna


If you are training on rough surfaces, check your dog's paws regularly to make sure they are not any cracks or injuries. You should always bring dog booties when biking, in case your dog gets a cut or sore paws. You can also use booties to prevent this. 

Solid Socks and Protector Bootie are ideal for workouts on dryland and gravel. 

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