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Celebrates 10th anniversary with special edition dog harness

Celebrates 10th anniversary with special edition dog harness

The Freemotion Harness was the beginning of Non-stop dogwear. Throughout the years, the original design has found its way to all continents. - That is why we celebrate our 10th anniversary by making a limited edition version of Non-stop dogwear's all-time bestselling pulling-harness, says sales manager and one of four founders, Kristoffer Grøtan Olsen.

The Freemotion Harness 10th Anniversary comes in a fresh blue color with the same quality and features as the original harness.

- Our gear is robust - many still use the harness they bought several years ago. Now they have an excellent excuse to upgrade their kit! Be quick, though, as we only made a limited amount of these harnesses.

Had to invent their own harness

Everything started with Kristoffer's dog Hårek, one of the most talented dogs competing in skijoring.

- Early on, he showed great potential. While free running, he ran like a cheetah; smooth and gracious. In a harness, though, he showed signs of breathing difficulties. Also, his movement was restricted. The harness limited his usually easy and efficient running style. We were searching and trying different sorts of existing gear, but all seemed to limit his movement and respiration. We had to come up with a solution that would let Hårek release his true and full potential without affecting him and his breathing.

Since no harnesses at that time seemed to fit Hårek, they had to invent their own. They started to sew, diving into an art stretching as far back as the early native Americans from the north.

- Although we had some challenges during the process, we began to see advancements in what had been problems. We went back and forth, sewing and testing.

The result was what is now called the Freemotion Harness. A harness that gives the dog free movement and respiration while running and pulling.

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A moment of joy

Seeing Hårek able to run in a harness in the same way he ran free was a moment of unexplainable joy.

- We knew that we had to share the excitement and connection we felt with other owners and their dogs.

This is the story of the earliest days of Non-stop dogwear. A story from its infancy, but with a vision for the future, to "release your dog's potential." With this as our foundation, we always take the dog's perspective and needs when developing new products. Always!

International company

Non-stop dogwear was founded in Norway, 2009. Today Non-stop dogwear develops, designs, and sells dog equipment worldwide. Currently, you can find our products in over 1.300 stores in 27 countries.

A young team runs the mother company out of the village Brøttum, Norway. This young and energetic team is continuously refining existing products and developing new solutions to problems faced by pet owners worldwide.

- We have the experience, the knowledge, the passion, and the eye for developing innovative products from a dog's perspective. Staying loyal to this, we partner with the most experienced athletes and professionals from across the world to create products of the highest quality and functionality. Across all breeds, all activities, and all settings, we strive to be the best facilitator of equipment. Whether you want to shave off seconds in a race or walk for days in the mountains, our equipment will maximize the activity. Our purpose is narrowed down to one sentence; "Release your dog's potential." This sentence reminds us why we do what we do - why we strive to make the best dog equipment. We want to help you and your dog to "release the potential" also for the years to come.

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