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Maija Nivala

Maija Nivala

Maija started to ski with dogs 20 years ago. At first she was racing cross country skiing. Then …

Maijas Geschichte

08 December 1977

Maija started to ski with dogs 20 years ago. At first she was racing cross country skiing. Then a friend asked her to try to ski with her dog. The last 5 years Maija has skied with her own dogs and taking part in international competitions. Today it's her lifestyle. 

“This is big part of my family life. We use almost all freetime to train and race with dogs”.

She hopes that she and the dogs will stay healthy so they can take part in many more competitions in the future.  


Meine Hunde



German shorthaired pointer04 August 2013

Rio is the dog that Maija has got many medals with. His parents are from great sleddog families. His life started with injuries and infections, but Maija knew he would turn out to be a good runner. He is also a good hunter. 

Maija Nivala


  • WCh bronze DSW1 Sweden 2019
  • WCh silver SW2 France 2019
  • WCh gold SW1 Canada 2017
  • WCh gold CW1 Canada 2017
  • WCh gold PW1 Canada 2017
  • ECh silver DSW1 Great Britain 2016

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